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Gaming Maturity

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Here’s.. a brief article commenting on the state of “Mature” console games.

Thinking about what he mentions what movie would you compare a game like DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball too? and how “Mature” would you classify it as?


Jiggilin’ titties….. who wudda thunk it!

[/center]“Too much fun!!!

Pink Party

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Here… is a link to a page of photo’s taken of Nicky and Beani’s Pink Party on last Friday night, I think they tell the story better than I can….

Poo: Who doesn't know HTML and so forgets to put alt tags on his images, leaving Mabster to do it for him.

Really felt quite shite Saturday morning but soldiered on and after on lovely breaky with Nat, Trudes and dale caught up with Buggy, Euan and Briody for a flick. Saw 1 hour photo it’s pretty good, don’t go expecting Hanibal Lecter though it’s a lot more subtle which I think is better.

Ended up at the “Espi” Saturday night after a BBQ at Coogan and Monies where we watched Jackass the movie, which I highly recommend also. “Polladium” headlined the front room and rocked out well… the high light was probably the maxi cab home with Trappet slering out these stories and the half hour we sat in the Hungry Jacks drive through waiting for our order asking for “Yubo’s” which Trappet assures us is a ligitmate burger from yonks ago?

Did a bit of shopping at Chadston Sunday morning before heading off picked up some CD’s I’ve been meaning to get and got to play “Metroid Prime” on Gamecube…. Man I can’t wait for the 3rd of April to roll around I’m barin’ up just thinkin about it!



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[center]Llamasoft Logo[/center]

Jeff Minter is a weirdo, and the founder of Llamasoft, a small self publishing games company responsible for some of the more obscure Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, PC and even Atari Jaguar and Toshiba Nuon (failed graphics chip installed in some DVD players) titles.

The Llamasoft web site has recently kicked of with his reintroduction to smaller game projects for the Pocket PC platform, most of which are also available for the PC, get on the site and download some of the demos and have a look. Beware they may overload your sensory inputs (thank god they only run in a window.. ramp these babies up to full screen and you’ll need your third eye open just to absorb the action..)

Anyhow what this is leading up to is the fact that this guy is starting to play with a Gamecube dev kit under the wing of Lion Head studios (who made Black & White). The collaboration???s project is called Unity at the moment details are sketchy but what I could ascertain from an article in the latest Edge magazine is that it starts out as a 3d shooter with fairly abstract visuals ala Rez (More abstract than Rez he says) then as you progress it slowly becomes less of a shooter and more of a “performance”

The game itself will be an abstract shooter, but… much more than that. It’ll start out as, well, the kind of thing you might expect the bloke who made t2k and t3k to make if he had decent hardware. But it will develop into… something unique, something where the boundaries between playing a game and… performing an instrument of some kind… are blurred

Defiantly sounds weird and by the look of the tripped out visuals from his other stuff it’s defiantly going to be totally different to anything else we’ve seen….

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