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I know your all hanging out for Soul Calibur 2, it seem as they’re adding a different “special” character to each platform release…. do you want to know more?


Soul Calibur 2 featuring Link

The GameCube version has this wikid version of link from the Zelda series.

[/center]“Wilsons Prom


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Well, we draw towards the end of another week and it’s been quite a week hasn’t it…I’m really quite knackered!

I’ve riden to work twice, a weights session with Chicken and James, purchased a new wakeboard, been boarding twice, purchased FIFA 2002 for the Cube hence had late nights all week, Hosted a dinner party and eased myself back into work after my 2 week break.

During this re-introduction to work I’ve discovered:

Need For Speed for GBA, which if you look at the linked screen shots uses a full 3D texture mapped engine, these little suckers have got some grunt!

Game Boy Advance SP… Nintendo have wised up and given us a back lit GBA that protects it’s own screen that runs of it’s own rechargable batterey hence giving you a quoted 14 hour of play with the screen lit!

Apple have released this bad boy and their own OS integrated web browser.

A bit more about this intriging little game called Animal Crossing coming out for the cube

Well back to the real world, the Holiday went really well, it actually felt a lot longer than it was which is really strange but nice. I didn’t really get on a PC much at all the whole 2 weeks accept for a couple of big sessions on racer the last couple o days, watch out for the next release. I did of corse get a bit of Cube action in, I’m about half way through both Tony Hawks and Mario Sunshine now.

The site is a little all over the place at the moment there’s alot of changes going on in the back ground, but rest asured an all new version of the props is well on the way stay tuned!

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