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Guess Who

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Found this on my PC today… can you tell who they are?

More Shine

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Last night I nabbed my 40th shine sprite in mario sunshine that puts me a third of the way through the game. I have grown to hate the once beloved acapello version of the old Mario theme as it accompanies the hardest, most frustraiting jumping sections of the game…… Damn them!

Phillip Island

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Well this last weekend was quite alot of fun, we tore Phillip Island a new asshole with a powerfull display of extreme adult hood!

6.jpg (75387 bytes)
We drank… Buggy farted we laughed

5.jpg (71446 bytes)
We drank… Euan farted we laughed

7.jpg (79558 bytes)
We stopped drinking… Buggy farted we laughed

1.jpg (96865 bytes)
We played Mario tennis… We all farted we laughed

4.jpg (84358 bytes)
We had head-aches we went to the jetty and saw the fishermen filling their baskets… someone farted we laughed

2.jpg (87142 bytes)
We went to the boardwalk down at seal rocks and saw some seagulls… it was cold and windy we couldn’t tell if anyone farted but we laughed

3.jpg (220661 bytes)
We spotted feindish penguins lurking under the boardwalk lying in waiting to pounce on unsuspecting tour group stragglers.

8.jpg (81952 bytes)
We made marveled at the natural power of Phillip Island’s blow-hole…. we Laughed

Unfortunatly my camera battery went flat at this point as I’d left it on the previous night in a drunken stuper, we also experienced some bazzare ilusions, got lost in the maze and played adventure golf ( putt putt ) at A Maze’n Things ( 19 holes was quite an effort ), raced go-karts twice, Went to the driving range and saw a wrinkily giant great white shark in a big tank.

Unfortunatly Buggy blew out his knee on his second last shot at the driving range, I hope your recovery is swift Nick.

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