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Cubed up!

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As Euan has stated I’ve invested in the latest Nintendo console offering.

Having passed my CCNA exam Monday morning it was time to reward myself, I’ve had my heart set on a Cube for some time but standing there in EB and having to decide between a Cube with Mario Sunshine and a Box with Halo, Jet Set Jadio Future, Sega GT racing and DVD remote with just $100 bucks separating the price, I surcame to Gatesy and his aggressive pricing and purchased an “X-Box Massive entertainment pack”. But after speaking with Zett and little later on and she proceding to tell me that I had sold out to Bill and his world dominating monothith, I took that f@#%n box back and got myself a Cube!

I’m curently 20 Shines into Mario Sunshine and loving it, I’ve got Robotech – Battlecry on the way and so has Chicken so a Box vs Cube night will be on the cards in a couple of weeks!

I’m looking to get Tony hawk 4 a little later on I’m sure Eu will be looking at this one also, it’ll be interesting to see them running side by side also, The Box and the Cube have their strengths and weeknesses the debate wages on as to which is “Better”…. I’m sure we’ll all have fun finding out!

Look out Randy

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I’ve been chasing my little Nephew Rhys for some photo’s in his Peter Pan outfit that his dad made for him, let’s hope that he has some fun with it now but that he lets it go before his teens?

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