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One of the funniest

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I need it bad man!

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Yes thats right the’re Veritechs and Battle pods in those screen shots, I stumbled apon a review of this new Robotech game thats comming out of XBox, GameCube and PS2. I can’t wait to get into some of this action the only question now is which console to buy to play this baby on…. hmmm

Click Here To download a little movie the game I’ve been waiting 15 odd years to play!

Undeniable Proof

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I’ve been doing some reading/drooling over the new IMac range of PC’s and am intreaged by the new UNIX based OS X.

I’ve found the article of all article to stop the cinics (Namely Euan)….Click here

Hours of fun!

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Click here! then ever so slowly poke this little fella in the gut…. fun for the whole family!.

Thanks Trude for sending it to me it’s changed my life.

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