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Chimp Champ

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It’s another cloudy brained Friday again after a couple to many at the pub last night and I’m not to keen on working, we welcomed the Chimp home from kicking ass at the Asian Australasian Wakeboarding Championships in Japan last night as well as his and some other little grimp that looked about 14’s birthday also drowned our sorrows over the Victims 3 point loss to our nemisis FNR……….

For those who don’t know the Chimp/Ozzy/Gull’s real name is Travis Osborne he’s the Second guy from the left (the apelike dude with the rude sunnies next to the fat guy)

Havn’t been up to too much else, studying for my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Wanka), some PhotoShop lessons, racer dev (it’s a little unstable at the moment but a new release is coming out very soon) and having to rethink my pasafistic stance in confrontational situations after coping a smack in the chops from behind last Saturday night on our way to dinner and having to sort him out!


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After the high ping pong ball attrition rate at the gathering we had at our place Saturday night, I was left with several sqaushed and cracked ping pong balls. I could have just thrown them in the bin but finding myself at a loose end Sunday arvo I decided to put together this instructional for makeing Smoke Bombs out of them

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