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Snow trrppin

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Well been MIA again… seems to be the order of things around here.

A couple o weeks ago Zett, Lamby, Sam and Barnes stayed up at Mt Bueaty on the Friday night (munched on some delicious Pizza and had a few beers) and headed up to falls for a day of ski action… and action is what we got…

Out of the 5 of us that headed up Zett and I were the only ones to get away free from injury, The jump park claimed all the victims with Sam going down on a hair ball spraining her ankle and knee, next was Lamby who held his own personal big air comp and after dropping 15ft out of the sky onto his hip and head decided to have a rest, last but not least was barnes who had been bustin masive 360s all day and decided he’d try his hand a rotating the other way…. well…. the first try wasn’t to successfull…( see group picture below )

It was an awsome day…

Last weekend we set up the Yacht to check weather all it’s fassits were accounted for so I grabbed a pic for all to see. The Professional Victims start Volleyball again tomorrow… wish us luck.

Barnes whippin a huge 360(pre face plant)

Lamby soring gracfully through the air

Me with the stop sign out

All of us sipping on a beer and licking our wounds

All aboard!

Awsome Party

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Whew… what a party, Props out to Sam and Lamby for hosting another body rockin party. Hope everyone has managed to regained enough mental capacity to function at work today… I know I’ve struggled.

I’ve been plaged by laughing fits today brought on by flashbacks of Lamby (AKA DJ Murder ) mixin it up for the crowed.. Hope to get some pictures soon.

Whilst on the subject of kick ass DJ’s check out Super Greg linked from 4 Bitter Guys, in particular the movies of his performances toward the bottom of the page… You’d better keep practicing Lamby!

Other weekend news, Got some boarding in on Saturday and purchased a yachet, I’m not too sure on the calssic definition of a yacht but I’m calling it a yacht.

Found this cool little game today Called Stair Dismount the object of the game is to push a dummy down a flight of stairs inflicting the maximum amount of damage, it’s got a cool physics engine.

Praise the machines

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“So that even now the machines will only serve on condition of being served, and that too upon their own terms the moment their terms are not complied with, they jib, and either smash both themselves and all whom they can reach, or turn churlish and refuse to work at all.

How many men at this hour are living in a state of bondage to the machines? How many spend their whole lives, from the cradle to the grave, in tending them by night and day?

Is it not plain that the machines are gaining ground upon us, when we reflect on the increasing number of those who are bound down to them as slaves, and of those who devote their whole souls to the advancement of the mechanical kingdom?”

Samuel Butler 1871

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