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Showing my age

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I came across this cool looking font on my computer this arvo, it’s called “cheque book” it looks like that old cheesy computer text. I jumped into Photoshop to check it out at a decent size typing “Hello world” as nerds do and then I found myself typing “I am doctor sbaitso”

Pissing in my own pocket!

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Here’s link to my old online gallery that I’d forgotten about… Please leave me an abusive comment if you think it’s sh*t/poor.

I’m taking a week off work in a couple of weeks to get some new stuff done I’ll be sure to keep PROPS updated on my progress.

A little different

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Well the downward spiral that was our site design has now been re-vamped…. this is by no means the end, anyone with a decent idea add a comment and we’ll look at getting it done.

Awsome Party

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Here by request….. Photo’s from Nikky’s party!

Unfortunatly Zett and I pulled out a little early… I guess there’s a first time for everything! So we missed out on the late arrivals who had really convincing police uniforms on and little miss SWAT birthday girl laying on her own form of police corruption!


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Did you know that “Colonic irrigation, or lavage can be described as a gentle, high-powered car wash for the bowel.”

Acording to this article pumping 14 litres of water into your rectum can cure all sorts of things from chronic fatigue to Asthma?

The other day Leon bought around a compact disk called “Songs to make love to you’re old lady by” by a colaboration called “Lovage” I didn’t think too much about the name until now!

Poo out

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