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MP3 Mixer

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I found this mp3 mixer yesterday, really simple interface does only what you want it to do… you really need 2 sound cards to properly mix tracks. A real bonus is that it completely free ( open source project from source forge )

I’ve got it set up on a PC behind the bar in our lounge, Oh for those who’ve been to the bar before we’ve moved it around to face the rest of the room, it’s haps better accept for the exposed live power point!

Takin it easy

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Well it’s Monday again, can’t say I got up to a lot on the weekend but in general I feel pretty relaxed… for a Monday.

Zett, Barnes, Sam and I took our Ute and Barne’s dad’s Pajero for a little expedition around the back way to lake Moodamere (don’t think that???s how it’s spelled) All went well apart from Zett and I getting stuck in mud hole and having to get pulled out, and Barnes deciding as we’re about to head home to take the sport of 4 wheel driving to the next level….. he attempted to conquer a particularly deep erosion channel, suffice to say he got well and truly stuck in the bottom of it, this may not seem that bad until we attempted to pull him backwards out of the ditch and his car slid into a massive hole no-one has seen and tried to roll over. We promptly adjusted our recovery angle ( while Barnes held his fathers car up ) and managed to retrieve him from the hellish pit.

The only thing worth mentioning is the big game of Monopoly we played later on that night, Zett cleaned us all out with one property with 3 houses on it, and Barnes sealed it by booting the board across the room…. we’re still finding houses and money around.


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Last weekend was the annual Winery Walkabout, “Whats a winery walkabout” I here you say… Well it’s a weekend where about 40 million people flood into the local area to sink bunk piss… well some of us did.

You get a glass for $10 which allows you to taste each wineries wines, so you get a bus load of your friends, some eski’s full of roadies and some sort of rediculous atire and road trip it from winery to winery sampling there produce and enjoying the entertainment on offer. Oh and another unspoken rule is to punch at least one drink into your head between wineries…. sounds easy but some of them are literaly 200 metres up the road.

It’s a fun weekend but hard work, my poor liver…..

Is this an arse or boobs?

Barnes folkin up the band

Don't ask

Zetty chimpin out in the roof of the pub

Work Trip

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I’ve been away for work the last couple of days and as I came through Mulwala yesturday I quickly stoped off and snapped a couple of pics of the lake there…

Lovely lake Mulwala

What a picturesque place for a young family to have a picnic

Look kids this is how everything will look one day!

Oh at a stage I got lost/took a short cut somewhere near the Melville caves and over took a couple of Gipsies, a full on horse drawn wooden wagon/caravan thing, the man leading the horses was sporting a tea towel on his head and a pair of Dunlop KT26’s

The things you see in this wide brown land

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