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Nayda at play

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I don’t have any of the video from that Sunday so here are the few Photo’s I took.

Hitting the FunboxPre Free-Ride Free-RideFree-RidePre Free-RidePre Free-RidePre Free-Ride

The Weirdo getting hurt is Nayda, a local freak who likes to get hurt. All this was done purely for the camera. You’ll notice the Shops and things in the background of the “Free Ride” shots, he was riding down the main street of Corowa in that womans G-String

Misappropriated Poo

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G’day all,

Been out and about alot lately, Misappropriating my time away from my virtual life back in the “real world”. Things are looking like they might get back on track now that winter has hit us.

What have I been up to? A bit of everything I guess, have spent a bit of time up in the hills ( Mt Bueaty, Bright ) riding with Zett,my brother and friends (Had a huge crash over the handlebars and down the hill)

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