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The good life

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To start the ball rolling I’ll dump a little rant I was thinking about this morning (during my drive back from Melbourne before work), we must live in the best country in the world…

My resoning for this is the crap we get in the news. This shit about some kids who fell off a boat? who gives a shuff they got wet, no-one got hurt! We’ve been bombarded with this story for a month or so, you’d think that in that time somthing decent would have happened, maybe someone created something to help the people of the world. really don’t see why the news lingers on politicians so much, they’re all lying pricks fucking each other over fo personal gain, why not focus more on the people working for a living and creating things for the real people of the world, the engineers and scientists should be getting the props not some useless actor who’s carrer it is to decieve.

Now on a lighter note, is it just me or does it take more toilet paper to wipe your arse as you get older, more often than not these days I have to do an intermediary flush during the mop up process just to get the wads of paper down, it’s a good thing I’ve trained myself to crap at work or I’d be up for a small fortune.

Bowels in or bowels out?

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Hello everyone. I am yet another one of Euans friends who likes to Rant. I also like to defecate. Infact, I defecate at least 3 times a day! Nothing like a good bowel movement to start the day! Thats why they call me Poo I guess!

Look forward to more poo humour from me soon!

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