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70-300mm Lens Experiments

3:16 pm Filed under: Photography

For my birthday this year Zett got me a 70-300 f4-5.6 IS USM telephoto zoom lens for the DSLR I got for xmas, I was sick of being inside this afternoon so I decided to go out into the garden and muck about with it.

The first two are pretty standard plant shots, nothing special but the really narrow depth of field I was experimenting with. I’ve mucked around with the cropping to try and make them interesting… now that I look at it I should have cropped the roce much more, that background it bad.



As I was wandering around I noticed the palm tree in the corner was in flower and had a heap of bees harvesting it, it was pretty high up and had the sun hitting it in and interesting way, so I set myself the challenge of photographing a bee in flight.

After struggling by hand I grabbed the tripod and setup a chair in the garden to snap some more, one thing I learnt is that a bee doesn’t hover for very long. Out of about 40 shots I managed to snap a couple of good ones.

IMG_1225 IMG_1226

Still got a lot to learn!

My first DSLR animal pics

3:17 pm Filed under: Photography

Following on from my previous post I developed the first set of pics I shot with the zoom lens. It was a Sunday arvo, we picked up Marge on the way and drove around Rietvlei Dam Reserve (about 20mins down the road) for a couple of hours, sipping on a few beers.

First up a few colour game picks, those black birds grow a massive tail at certain times of the year to attract a mate, silly thing in that the poor buggers can hardly fly with that massive thing behind them. The male waterbuck with the mutant horn was pretty interesting, I still managed to get a good shot even though he was a fair way off.

Black brid with long tail Waterbuck with weird horn Blessbuck

As I was developing the Zebra picks I thought what’s the point of having colour, all you want to see in the stripes… I recon they look better in black and white, they’re actually a bit brownish in real life. Still experimenting with the cropping.

Zebra family zebra with grass zebra and bird bird on Zebra big and little zebra

This was a bit of a fluke shot, these kids were feeding catfish out of this bird spotting hide by the water, from this angle you picked up the nice reflections and swirls in the water.

water boiling with catfish

I’m stoked with the extra capacity the lens has given me, one thing I did notice in the shots is a slight blurriness to them, I think it a bit of camera shake, we’ll have to make sure we shut the car off and rest the camera on the door for the full zoom shots in future.

Might be heading to Pilanesberg this weekend, it’s got 100 times better game there, it’s always luck of the draw what you see, but we should get some good pics.

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