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SketchFighter 4000 Alpha

9:43 am Filed under: Game Code

 And I thought my Eraser graph paper concept was original… SketchFighter 4000 Alpha from Ambrosia software (big players in the Mac game scene) uses a similar styling, their game is much more along the lines of my grand plans for pen and paper concept, Eraser being more of a proof of concept, my idea is more like a fast paced scorched earth/worms side scrolling RTS, a little like a suped up version of my old parashooter game.

I think the styling has potential, there are a lot of things to explore with it and the art investment is kept to a minimum.

XNA Invaders 2

11:49 am Filed under: Game Code

I’ve been consumed with learning shaders the past couple of days, progress has been good, I’ve gone from thinking they were some black magic code that only the graphic programming l33t could ever understand too leveraging the power of them to create a simple shader of my own design.

It’s been pretty intense and poor ole Zetty didn’t get much attention the past couple of days but I’ve cracked the code, I wouldn’t say I fully understand the whole thing and I’m not quite up to the multi pass shaders but I’ve got the basic building blocks down, so I’m happy, seeing shaders are going to be a necessary part of graphics from here on in.

To prove that I can do it here’s at updated version of XNA Invaders complete with CGA raster looking shader that I made up, I’m going to comment the code soon to make it more readable for those interested, here’s the updated exe for now.

Thanks to Chub from the YakYak forum for putting me on to the Ati documentation and RenderMonkey, I’d started with the Nvidia and it was crap.

Off on a 4×4 weekend with the boys this arvo, will be a great break from the keyboard, a solid campaign of piss drinking should be able to slow the old brain box from it’s red line rate at the moment.

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