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Aus Tour 2010

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Finally getting around to a blog post after a crazy busy couple of months, the trip home was intense, the work part went well but pretty close to the wire.  We managed catch up with a lot of people while we were there, but as usual we couldn’t catch everyone.

We did too much to go into too much detail so I’ll just do a quick photo log.

Mo Mullet FuryI arrived sporting an awesome mullet that Marge had crafted for me, it certainly had the desired effect with my family particulary Jill and my Dad not knowing which way to look.

It even managed to silence the James’ kids when I first saw them… which is no mean feat!

Max's Hot RodMax riding on the Hot rod that Nana and Pa gave him.

Max and HenryMax hanging out with cousin Henry.

Max with James'Max with more cousins, the James’. We saw a a fair bit of these guys, it was really nice to properly catch up as they have spent a year in the UK in the time we’ve been here in SA.

Bugwood WeddingThe Bug-wood wedding.

Moto1Tooling around with the boys on a Moto weekend.

Leesa and Glen's WeddingLeesa and Glen’s wedding.

Dirchie Spotted at World Cup Fan Park

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Mongoose Massive Parys 24 hour MTB Race

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The massive afte the race under the fake Eiffel tower

About 3 weeks ago the Mongoose Massive embarked on their first 24 hour mountain bike race, the venue was the Parys showgrounds which was dotted with these awesome fake Paris monuments. The fake Arch de Triomphe was the start/finish line, there was also an obelisk and we camped under the fake “Tower de Eifel”.

Overall it was a very successful race, we placed 10th overall and  5th in our open teams category (up to 7 riders). I’m proud that we were the first of the “weekend warrior” (read: non sponsored or bike shop) teams in our category also.

Unfortunately the track itself was “gay as”, basically a completely non technical flat double track around some paddocks which gave the marathon and “roadies” a leg in. Mind you the later part of the track was a huge spirit sucking mud pit, which took it’s toll on the legs and drive-train, after the 50 odd laps we completed we were definitely spent.

Overall it was great effort by everyone, we were all lapping within 24-30 minutes a lap (Henry came within a few seconds but just couldn’t break into the 23s) the whole race, with no real serious blow–outs or mechanicals (Bar a small double pinch flat issue on the first lap…Hein).

Bring on the next one!

Kriek finishing another lap Me copping a face full of mud More fake Paris monuments in Parys, the arc de triomphe was the start finish line Thomas putting away another one Zett at the late night changeover Hein kicking off the Le mans start Henry - man of the match Kiwi helping Hein repair his double pinch flat from the first lap Kiwi with his support buddy Elouise

Night Ride at the Kloof

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Night Riders

A few weeks ago the Mogoose massive embarked on a night time mission around the Kloof (Groenkloof – our regular weekend ride).

On a regular day they kick everyone out at 6pm and lock the gates, so to do a night ride you have to stay in the overnight hut, and as we only found out as we headed out for our ride… you’re supposed to tell the operators so they can organise you some security.

Apparently they have a big problem with armed poachers sneaking around the reserve at night.  Somehow we convinced the guy that we’d be alright and he let us go out anyway.  Which was most fortunate as we had a blast, it was the same old trail we ride most weeks but the game are out in full force, we were chasing Zebra, Wilde Beast and Jackal down the trails.

For me it was one of those “that’s right we do live in Africa!” moments, awesome fun.

Mongoose Massive Movember Mashup

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We’ve got no power here tonight so we’re catching up on some blogs on battery power, here are some shots from last years Mongoose Massive end of year windup.  As you can see… well on some of us….. not myself or Kriek….  Movember madness has finally caught on here in SA.

IMG_4480 IMG_4479

Man Yak Adventure Video

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The Chimp knocked up this awesome little video of our on water action, he had some trouble with the copyrighted music he used (youTube doesn’t allow it) so he used their auto substitution system, certainly adds some emotional punch to the piece.

Buffalo River Kayak Adventure

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Last weekend the boys and I headed bush for a weekend of camping and kayaking, Rick and the Chimp both own their own yaks so the rest of us had to hire some form Albury and drag them across.

First obstical   Solid Lunge Action Solo-man Kayak-stig Solo-stink  Chimp out

We started from the base of the lake Buffalo damn wall, riding the yaks down the road embankment then throwing them off a cliff and climbing down. Not all of them made it to the water… don’t know why they developed leaks?

After the very first rapid smashing everyone giving me a nice poke in the ribs (that is still bruised) I was a little concerned about what we’d gotten ourselves into.  I also started to doubt the integrity of my vessel with it’s freshly caved in nose and it’s “Toyz” branding which I had only just noticed.

Mini chimp teabagging my leg Savaged by meat ants Tight f'n cheeks

It turned out that the first one was one of the worst, with only a couple toward the end proving a little tricky, particularly the “Mowl hole” (so named from Mowli’s near death experience on our last outing) spitting out everyone but the Chimp and Lamby into an aquatic yard sale.

Best off has to go to Moorey with his involuntary underwater back flip, where after getting his boat jammed between two rocks he ended up sitting sideways on his submerged boat, skylarking and laughing until something shifted beneath him rolling his backward, the water then grabbed him and stuffed him down between the rocks and under his boat… he wasn’t laughing when he finally emerged several meters down stream.

Fortunately old mate boat hire wasn’t home when we dropped them off, a couple of them had their noses remodeled. Over the phone he asked us if we had fun on the lake… yeah lake, the “lake” was good.

Another awesome weekend, can’t wait to see some of the chimps on water footage!

Mowli and Maggot’s Wedding

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I was fortunate enough to be able to make it to Mowli and Maggot’s wedding while I was back, unfortunately much to her disappointment Zett couldn’t make it as well.

It was a lovely unique little ceremony not far from the front of their house with the ocean as a back drop, very fitting for those two. The reception was back at the house were they’d done up the garage area, a few drinks and a mingle with the guest eventually ended up with the usual suspects, trying to finish off the beer seeing Mowli doesn’t drink it.

He got his own back by sticking to his word and prying us out of bed early the next morning for a surf, it was a fun way to shake off the hangover and topped of an awesome wedding.

IMG_0827 IMG_0833 IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0854 IMG_0868 IMG_0875 IMG_0893 IMG_0897 IMG_0902

Mongoose Massive Oz Style

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I managed to sneak in a few rides up the Nail Can while I was back, this one was a particular treat as we managed to drag the Chimp along with us and we didn’t have any mechanicals.

One day we’ll have a proper Mongoose Massive Australian Assault and drag a couple of the South African contingent over.

Mongoose Massive Oz Style-2 Mongoose Massive Oz Style
I got caught out mid flex when the second picture was taken… I swear!

Booze Cruise

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One Saturday I was lucky enough to drop in on Nige and George while they were just about to take Nige’s old man’s river cruiser/party barge out.

It’s one pimp booze cruiser, there’s few things nicer than cruising along the Murray sinking a couple of quiet ones. Little Franky is talking heaps now and obsessed with this old ice cube grabbing apparatus, the “rip off machine” he calls it, it looks a bit like one of those dodgie grab the teddy bear with the claw game’s claw.

I couldn’t have too many (these trips never end without everyone betting smashed) because I had to head to Albury straight after for a BBQ at Sam and Lamby’s, which was a great night… unfortunately I didn’t get any pics.

IMG_0793 IMG_0795 IMG_0803 IMG_0804 IMG_0805 IMG_0792

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