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Dispell up on Manifesto Games

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Dispell on Manifesto Games   Head over to Manifesto Games this morning and on the front page you’ll notice a really fun looking “family friendly” shooting game.

Yep after a bit of buggerising around Dispell is finally up there and ready for sale, curiously it’s classified as a Platform Shooter not a SHMUP (shoot’em up) but I can get that changed.

Feels good to see it up there with so many other good games.

Props to the manifesto guys, they’ve made the process really easy and are doing a great service for indie games. Make sure you take a good look over the products they’ve got up there, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

It’s been a huge project spanning many years, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in the process, ticked off another life goal, now I’ve just got to make a really successful game!

Look out for the next one, due in 2010  :)

Good News

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Received an email this morning from Manifesto Games saying they’re keen to distribute Dispell.

I’m pretty stoked about this, firstly I’ve been closely following the creation of Manifesto since seeing one of it’s founders, Greg Costikyan speak at the FreePlay event in Melbourne. He was mostly on about how there wasn’t as of yet a viable channel for “indie” games on the scale of the music or movie industry, then after talking about it he went out and created one!

The Manifesto of Manifesto strikes a cord with me and my opinion of the state of the game industry, it’s great that someone is having a go at making a change and if I can support them in that then even better.

Secondly they’ve only just gone live after a reasonable beta period and the site looks great (gamasutra article), they’ve got a great library of “different” games up there, real indie titles warts and all, I think Dispell will sit up there with them really well.

Where Dispell sits is something I’ve struggled with since I’ve started wrighting about it to promote it, it’s certainly not a “casual game”, a common response I get from non/very casual game players about my age is “there’s shit flying everywhere”, “where am I”. It doesn’t really hold it’s own as a hardcore shooter either, it works best as what it was written as.. a game to be played along with kids by older gamers.

I’m hoping that if I can get my wrighting skills up to a level so I can convey that in a simple statement, that I can service a niche in the market.

Still got a bit of work to do to finalise the deal (contracts and so forth) but it’s great news that has pulled me out of the slump I’d hit as I realised how big and hard the whole marketing thing is going to be!

Heading up bush with the boys this weekend for some more dirt squirting 4×4 action, really looking forward to a good unplug and multi beer re-boot.

Andy’s take on the Dispell logo

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Andy (aka Cricible from MadProps) came up with this charming little version of the dispell logo, I might save it for Dispell 2 – Taste the Golden Spray.

Dispell Product Page

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Been plugging away at the products page for the past week or so, I think I’m almost there with the look, the payment processing is in place and I’ve got the files hosted on a cheap host. 

I’m planning on doing a little photo shoot this weekend the get some nice clean family at the computer shots to replace that placeholder. Then it’s one last check on the actual program then releaseing it on a few forum on the indie forums to see what they think, depending on how that goes I’ll work out how I’m going to tackle the major promotion.

The whole marketing thing is whole other skill to master, not a bad skill to have I supose.

Stay tuned for a post about the 12 hour bike race soon!

Edit: Also watch this space for some much needed changes to the blog’s look.

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