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Dirchie Kart PC Game Box
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Welcome to the Dirchie Kart beta, everyone is welcome to play as long as you contribute something.

This is the full version of the game as it stands in development, so there will be bugs and some graphic glitches. There is a feedback interface built into the game which submits your suggestions directly to this website for me to monitor, if you include your email adress I can directly answer any queries you have.

I'm currently trying to smooth out the split screen multiplayer and single player portions of the game, once that is looking good I plan to work on network multiplayer modes.

I’d recommend starting on 250cc , some XBox controllers hooked up to your PC and some mates around for a few beers. The download details are as follows:

  1. Make sure you install this first Microsoft XNA 4.0 Runtime (note: Dirchie now uses XNA 4.0, so if you used to run the old version you will need to install this update before the new version will run)
  2. The download and uncompress this file from (120Mb)

Dirchie Kart 2 Beta

It works best with an XBox controller/s hooked up to the PC, the keyboard controls are as follows:

Key Action
Arrow keys Accelerate, brake, turn left/right
Q Power slide
E Eject to pocket bike
W/S Shoot forward/backward
A/D Cycle weapons

Visit the contact section of this site if you've got something more direct to ask me, otherwise enjoy!

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